At Smartpay we realise there is not one solution for every business. That is why we have developed our own specialist EFTPOS services, these include EFTPOS insurance, HotSwap EFTPOS and Prepaid EFTPOS.

EFTPOS insurance is a small monthly premium you pay so that you are covered if there is any damage to the EFTPOS terminal. Some business can pay thousands for repairs so if you work in an environment that may cause damage to the EFTPOS terminal this product is for you. Find out more EFTPOS insurance here.

HotSwap™ EFTPOS is a spare EFTPOS terminal on premises so that if there is ever any issues with your main EFTPOS terminal you have a back up. No down time for your business and you can keep accepting those payments. Find out more about HotSwap™ EFTPOS here.

Prepaid EFTPOS the best solution for people to want to pay month by month and not sign up to a long term lease. Find out more about prepaid EFTPOS here.   

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