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Hotswap EFTPOS

Continue accepting payments smoothly with a spare EFTPOS terminal located at your place of business. A cost-effective backup solution to have your EFTPOS up and running in minutes

An immediate swap-out solution

Hotswap is a backup EFTPOS terminal located at your place of business. It is ready-to-use and one phone call to us can get this terminal activated in minutes. 

Should your original terminal get damaged or faulty, Hotswap is an immediate solution to carry on taking payments seamlessly.

This EFTPOS terminal has the same features as your original terminal so you can be assured that your ability to take payments and your user experience will continue without a hitch. 

Making payments easy with Hotswap

Ensure payment continuity

Don't let a faulty or damaged EFTPOS terminal come in the way of accepting customer payments

Get the same user experience

Have the same ease of use as your previous EFTPOS terminal with all the same features and value adds

Cost-effective and easy to setup

Simply call us to activate the Hotswap in minutes. We will work on getting your original terminal fixed in the meanwhile

Why get a Hotswap EFTPOS?

Instant backup

An instant replacement terminal while your original terminal gets fixed

Be stress free

Quick and easy to activate. Can be done 24/7 with one call to us

Never miss an EFTPOS payment again

No need to fiddle with cash or bank transfers if your terminal goes down

Same convenient operation

Hotswap EFTPOS is already configured like your original terminal so will be the same to use

Short term EFTPOS machine hire S920 terminal

How to get Hotswap EFTPOS


Hotswap is available as an add-on subscription service to your current EFTPOS contract with us.

When you sign up for a Hotswap, you will receive a pre-configured EFTPOS terminal with an inserted SIM card so it can connect to a GPRS network. The user guide has all the information you need to get started and for contacting us. 

We offer an affordable monthly rental for a Hotswap terminal. The cost of each Hotswap subscription reduces by $5 with every additional EFTPOS terminal you lease per site. If you lease 5 EFTPOS terminals from us, your Hotswap subscription is essentially free of charge. 

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Experts on hand

No middle men here. Deal directly with the experts. We develop our own software and service our own terminals.

Built on experience

Nearly two decades of making payments simple for Kiwi businesses.

Locally owned and operated

We’re proud of our Kiwi heritage and passionate about helping you succeed.


What our customers have to say

Mobile payment saves time during the sale process as the customer can pay in a way which is familiar and convenient to them, which in-turn leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Tanja West-Hill, Weekend Max Mara

Smartpay’s solution is convenient and easily integrates.

The set-up was smooth and straight forward.

Dan Horton, Magic Memories

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I would say we have gained around 20% more of our sales by adding Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Laurance Metry, Unichem

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Frequently Asked Questions

A value added service where you can subscribe to a back-up EFTPOS terminal from us. This terminal is kept with you and is ready-to-use with one phone call to us. Should your original terminal get damaged or faulty, the Hotswap will ensure you can continue taking payments seamlessly while we get your original terminal up and running again.

The Hotswap works when we activate it with a phone call from you requesting activation. It works exactly like your original terminal. It has a SIM card in it so it has access to a GPRS network (please ensure this is available in your area). It also has a Wi-Fi option should you wish to connect it to broadband internet. This EFTPOS terminal will have the same features in it as your original terminal so you can continue using it the same way and take payments without a hitch.

We work on getting that terminal up and running again. Depending on the fault or cause of damage, potential solutions could range from a remote fix or a complete swap out to a new terminal.

If you are already a customer with us, just let us know and we will get a Hotswap out to you within one business day. Your subscription will commence from the day we dispatch the Hotswap to you. There are no contracts for a Hotswap. You can subscribe for as long as you need.

It is essential that you charge the Hotswap at least once a month (good practise is every fortnight) to make sure that the battery has charge when you need to use it. Please turn it on from time to time to ensure that the terminal is working properly and any software updates can applyEnsure you keep the terminal in a warm and dry place as far as possible.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. A one month notice is applicable to cancel the subscription.

While we recommend having a Hotswap on site to everyone, we certainly believe that certain business environments which can be potentially risky during terminal use need to be more conscious of having a back-up solution available in-house. Liquid spills or physical impact such as dropping the terminal are some of the risks.

Liquid damage, physical damage, electrical damage and various other reasons could potentially affect your EFTPOS terminal and render it damaged or faulty. Certain business environments can be more risky than others such as bars, nightclubs or where a mobile terminal exchanges hands often.

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