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merchants using pos integrated eftpos

Integrated EFTPOS – Give your small business the boost of integrated payments

Learn how connecting your EFTPOS terminals with a point-of-sale (POS) system can simplify and enhance the way you accept payments
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Costs of accepting EFTPOS payments in New Zealand (A simple breakdown of EFTPOS costs)

Want to understand what your EFTPOS costs are paying for? We have broken down the costs associated with accepting EFTPOS payments in New Zealand.
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Choose the best EFTPOS solution for business

How to choose the best EFTPOS solution for your small business
(A complete guide)

Choosing the best EFTPOS solution for your small business is a matter of finding the right provider and tailoring the EFTPOS machine to your specific needs. Read on to learn how
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People discussing EFTPOS contract

What should your EFTPOS contract include?

We have broken down what is included in your EFTPOS contract when you lease an EFTPOS solution from a provider. So you can better understand and compare contracts and choose the perfect solution for your business.
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Social Media Marketing: How the TikTok platform can work for your small business

TikTok has quickly risen to become one of the most engaging social media platforms globally. Read on to find out how your small business can take advantage of this.
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New Zealand borders reopening – is your business prepared?

An influx of tourists and residents means more sales opportunities and more payment acceptances. Is your business ready for when NZ reopens borders?
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QR Codes: Are they here to stay?

QR codes have quickly become a major part of our lives. Are they here to stay? And how can businesses make the most of this global trend - read on to know more.
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Can your small business “Go Green”?

Discover easy ways to go green with your small business and grow your customers and brand reputation while doing your part for the planet.
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5 key ways to get the most out of your EFTPOS solution

Read about how you can get the most out of your EFTPOS solution by following these 5 simple and handy tips to increase EFTPOS efficiency.
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