Good looking, easy-to-use terminals that creates a great impression with customers and gets the job done in seconds.

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Whatever your size or industry, trust Smartpay to help you make it easy for your customers to pay whenever and however they want. With flexible, tailored merchant services solutions, 24/7 technical support and fully transparent pricing, we’ll give you the confidence to make the right choice for your business.

Find out how Smartpay has the right EFTPOS solution for your business

Integrated EFTPOS

Our Integrated EFTPOS terminals are small yet rugged units.

You can accept insert, swipe, tap and go and mobile wallet payments and connect via various communication methods.

More importantly it integrates with many major Point of Sales (POS) providers allowing you to enjoy seamless end-of-day reconciliation, eliminate double data entries and re-keying errors.



In today’s world you need to ensure your terminals can keep up to speed with the volume of transactions for secure credit, debit and contactless payments while at the same time providing a convenient experience for your customers, taking payments on the go.

Smartpay’s mobile terminals are designed for merchants that don’t have access to traditional communication methods, don’t maintain a traditional bricks and mortar store, or simply want the flexibility to take a payment anywhere at any time.

Counter-Top EFTPOS

Smartpay has the most feature rich, up-to-date and reliable EFTPOS terminal range in New Zealand including contactless Tap & Go on our entire fleet.

Our range of simple, counter-top wired solutions are designed to operate in busy environments where you want a terminal to be plugged in and static.

Functionality & Apps

Over the past few years we have invested a great deal of time and money in creating features and value add-ons that increase the functionality of the terminals we provide to you.

It’s all part of The Smartpay Difference, and the reason we’re growing so quickly as a business. Many of these features are designed to simply make it easier for you to conduct their business.

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