Managing network connectivity

Your terminal could lose communication with the payment network if internet (or GPRS) connectivity becomes unstable or unavailable. If your terminal loses connectivity, please perform the following steps:

  • Restart your terminal first and perform a log-on to see if this fixes the problem. 
  • If you are on Wi-Fi
    • Restart your router – Turn the terminal off before restarting your router. After restarting, wait for 2 mins then turn the terminal on again and connect to the network (by pressing and 1 to log-on). 
    • If possible, plug the Ethernet/LAN cable into the terminal to check if it connects to the internet. 
    • You can create a mobile hotspot from your phone to check if the terminal can connect to a different network.  
    • As a backup, you can give us a call to activate the SIM card in your machine. 
  • If you are on GPRS
    • Open the back cover of your EFTPOS terminal and remove the SIM card. Clean the slot and card gently, then re-insert the SIM card. Make sure to lock the SIM in place by sliding the SIM card holder upwards. 
    • As a backup, you can create a mobile hotspot from your phone to get the terminal back online.