Improving Battery Life

Charging your S920 using the charging base

Place your S920 terminal on the charging base provided whenever it is not in use to maintain good battery levels. You will need to charge it for at least 3 hours for a full charge. You can also charge using the USB cable plugged into the mains adaptor.

Charging from a USB cable plugged into a computer/tablet

If you’re plugging into a computer/laptop USB port to charge, this won’t provide enough current to fully recharge the battery – it’s only enough to maintain it.

We recommend regularly charging overnight/at the end of the day using the USB cable plugged into the mains adaptor.

Battery optimisation

Customers using the S920 EFTPOS machine can use the following tips for battery optimisation:

  • Charging cradle – Always return the terminal to the charging cradle when not in use. 
  • Screen saver – You can set a screensaver to turn on after a defined period of time. This will help the screen to sleep when the machine is not in use – but it will remain powered on. You can do this with the following steps:
    • Access the “APP MANAGER MENU” using the “CANCEL” or button 
    • Press 3 for “SYSTEM
    • Press 2 for “POWER OPTIONS
    • Press 1 for “SCREENSAVER” and choose your timeout (we recommend between 30 seconds – 60 seconds). 
  • Screen brightness – You can reduce the screen brightness by following the steps below:
    • Access the “APP MANAGER MENU” using the “CANCEL’ or button 
    • Press “MENU
    • Press 3 for “SYSTEM
    • Press 1 for “DISPLAY
    • Press 1 for “BRIGHTNESS”. Now you can increase or decrease the brightness percentage with this option. 

Battery protection in-built feature

Some S920 customers may notice that the battery percentage fluctuates between 100% – 80% somewhat quickly. This is normal behaviour which the EFTPOS terminal exhibits to protect the battery from overcharging while maintaining operational charge. The terminal battery will stop charging at 100% and as it drops to 80% while being left on, the battery holds charge at 80%. If you wish to charge again to 100%, simply remove and reconnect the charger.