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When you need to manage sales fast. Choose an EFTPOS solution that’s all part the customer experience.

The EFTPOS solution for all retailers, large and small


Our Smartcharge App allows business owners to recover their Credit Card fees.

Using the surcharge App means businesses can eliminate these costs to their business by automatically adding an administration fee to credit card transactions using our surcharge software, on our Smartpay product range.


We all know that sometimes things go wrong.

HotSwap™ EFTPOS* is a spare EFTPOS terminal onsite that can connect over GPRS. You do not have to worry whether there is a technician available or even if they’re in your area, with HotSwap™ you are back up and running within minutes.

* terms and conditions apply, you must have GPRS coverage.

UnionPay Direct

China Union Pay is the main card carried by visitors from China, our second largest tourist market.

Cardholders also come from 24 other countries, including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

There are more than 3 billion China Union Pay cards out there. If your customers come from any of these countries, you should give us a call today.

Currency Select

Enables your International customers to pay in a currency they know and trust. You’re paid in New Zealand dollars, and your international customer is debited in their own currency. Indicative FX rates and the previous day’s settlement rates are displayed on the BNZ website.

CurrencySelect is designed for businesses in New Zealand selling goods and services to overseas visitors, allowing you to provide customer service to your customer and earn commission to reduce your Merchant Service Fee.

Benefits of Smartpay’s EFTPOS solution for Retail


Reduced wait times, increased customer satisfaction and process payments quickly and effectively


Encourages overseas customers to spend in your store allowing them to pay in a way they are familiar with


Always be able to take payment no matter what the situation (time of day or the day of the week) in tried and tested for in-store and mobile business environments


Reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction


Access the latest payment methods, including Tap and GO functionality for Visa® PayWave and MasterCard® PayPass, Apple & Android Pay with ongoing innovations and security updates

D210E eftpos machine

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