Perfect for small businesses, Sole Traders and Physicians that require multiple Merchants access to just the one EFTPOS Terminal. This App lets Merchants leverage their resources and save money by reducing banks fees and hardware rental costs.

Share Costs & Save

For example a group of four Doctors all operating out of the same location could use Smartpay’s Multi-Merchant App. As each Patient is seen by a Doctor and wishes to pay, the front office simply enters the correct Doctor’s Merchant ID and the terminal is ready to use, ready to deposit the funds into the Doctor’s Account.


Flexibility Benefits Merchants

This is also ideal for small businesses or Sole Traders that manage or own multiple businesses with different bank accounts. No longer do Merchants need to keep track off multiple EFTPOS terminals, additional bookeeping, costs and fees. Smartpay lets you consolidate and leverage your resources, saving Merchants money and time.


2 Hour EFTPOS Quotes

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