EFTPOS Terminals

We offer high quality EFTPOS terminals to suit every business and industry.

At Smartpay we offer the highest quality EFTPOS terminals through our PAX EFTPOS terminal range. They are the most feature-rich EFTPOS terminals available in the New Zealand market and work with our range of exclusive value added applications. We have EFTPOS terminal solutions for countertop, both dial-up and broadband connections, as well as mobile EFTPOS terminal solutions with Pay Mobile.

Countertop/Wired EFTPOS

PAX S80 
Dual-facing functionality in this one-piece countertop solution

The PAX S80 is a one-piece counter-top or handover EFTPOS terminal suited to organisations of all types and sizes operating single or split level counters.

For more information on this solution, click here or  download the brochure here

PAX S80 & S300 Customer PinPad
A two-piece solution ideal for environments where speedy service is key
This is a two-piece counter-top EFTPOS terminal suited to retailers and organisations in the hospitality sector, operating a split level counter. It combines the latest in payments technology and security with proven durability and reliable performance. Separate merchant and customer facing devices give improved access to all parties and a seamless payment experience. 

For more information on this solution click here or download the brochure here


Mobile handheld terminal for portable payments

This one-piece handheld mobile terminal is compact and great for businesses who take payments on the move. It is ideal as a Pay at Table terminal for cafes, bars and restaurants.
For more information on this solution click here or download the brochure here.

Works as either a counter-top/wired or mobile WiFi EFTPOS

The Smartpay D210 WiFi EFTPOS terminal is the world's most innovative counter-top or mobile terminal when combined with Smartpay's valued added apps. With its in-built printer the D210 can operate as standalone or integrated EFTPOS solution.
The D210 is PCI 3, so good through to 2020 and is certified to Paymark 2013. The D210 supports 3 types of WiFi encryption. 

To read more about the benefits of WiFi EFTPOS and the D210 download the brochure here.

The convenience of pocket EFTPOS
The D200 is New Zealand’s first true handheld pin-pad for mobile payments. It is able to accept debit, credit and contactless transactions including mobile phone payments. 

The D200 offers the latest PCI PTS 3.x security, Visa payWave & MasterCard PayPass contactless certification. The D200 streamlines payment by capturing receipts electronically reducing costs and speeding up transactions.

The D200 is certified on Paymark and can be used with our Free Point of Sale App, Till2Go.

To read more about the benefits of WiFi EFTPOS and the D210 click here or download the brochure here.

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