Card not present transactions (MOTO)

I’m already a Smartpay customer, how can I take payments over the phone? Or when the physical card is not available?

Card not present transactions or Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) are when purchases are made when the physical card is not in the store. This scenario could apply if the customer is talking to you over the phone and wishes to pay for the product/service over the phone.

How to get start accepting MOTO payments?

Smartpay terminals have the MOTO feature enabled.

Before starting a MOTO transaction, please double check that you have this functionality enabled. You can do this by calling Worldline (formerly Paymark) on 0800 729 627 – you will need to have your terminal ID handy.

If you do not have the MOTO functionality, please call your merchant bank and request for this to be enabled.