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Seven reasons why EFTPOS is right for your business

When you’re running a business, there are a million decisions to make. Some are difficult. Others are easy. Choosing to take card payments is one of the easy ones, and here are seven reasons why to get you started:

1. More potential customers

Today almost two thirds of all retail transactions in New Zealand are electronic card payments. That’s a huge chunk of the market. If you want to grow sales, accepting EFTPOS payments is an obvious place to start.

2. Stay safe out there

The more purchases you do electronically, the less cash you handle. The less cash you handle, the less you’re a target for thieves. You might even save money on your business insurance if you handle less cash.

3. Better cash flow. Bye-bye bad debt

There’s no chasing “cheques in the post” with EFTPOS. You get paid on the spot – regardless of whether that’s on a worksite or at a customer’s home. And because you’re paid immediately, your cashflow improves and your bad debtors disappear.

4. Happier customers

Accepting card payments makes it faster and easier for customers to pay. They can choose their payment method, sort it out there and then, and get on with things. All of which makes for a better customer experience.

5. Faster accounting

Unless you’re an accountant, you probably didn’t get into business because of your passion for reconciling accounts. With an integrated EFTPOS solution, you can save all those hours you previously spent matching your invoices to payments.

6. Ditch the invoices

Speaking of invoices, you can get rid of those too with EFTPOS. With EFTPOS it’s all done for you. And if your customer needs a GST receipt, you can just print them out one straight from the terminal.

7. Track all your transactions

With EFTPOS, you can trace every transaction. This way you have a clear audit trail and can front-foot any payment dispute and resolve it quickly and easily.


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