At Smartpay, we believe in keeping up with the latest developments in technology and consumer demand so we can deliver the best quality products and services to our customers. Over the past 18 months, we have seen many changes in the way payments are made and accepted, brought on largely by the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, enabling our merchants to accept a wide variety of payments and offering a seamless customer experience has been at the forefront of our most recent developments, which are currently being rolled out.

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Contactless Surcharging

Contactless surcharging is available soon on all newer models of Smartpay terminals. Contactless payments are fast becoming the norm amongst Kiwi consumers due to convenience, speed and hygiene at checkout.

The benefit of contactless surcharging for Smartpay merchants is that they can pass on the cost of accepting contactless payments to their customers who wish to pay with their NFC enabled card or device. This is in addition to the pre-existing “credit card surcharge” feature which allows merchants to surcharge customers wanting to pay by credit card.

The Smartpay terminal automatically identifies a contactless transaction and applies the pre-programmed surcharge (previously advised by the merchant) to the transaction. This requires no manual calculations or inputs from the user.

One of the other benefits we have included is giving flexibility to customers to request changes and customisations to contactless surcharging to suit their business needs. For example, merchants have the option to remove the manual surcharge prompt while displaying the surcharge amount on screen – meaning customers do not have to touch the terminal to accept the surcharge, making this solution a truly contactless experience. This also ensures higher safety and convenience while maintaining transparency.



Given the rise in consumer demand around digital payments including digital wallet technology, e-vouchers and digital currencies, we have also launched our integration with Centrapay. Smartpay merchants can now accept Centrapay transactions on their EFTPOS terminal. Customers who wish to pay using their Centrapay wallet or vouchers can simply scan the QR code generated on the terminal to complete the transaction.

“We are committed to working towards extending the flexibility of accepting payments with new technologies. We strive to enable our customers to stay on top of market trends and future proof their business to align with new developments in technology.”

– Gustavo Herrera,

  Head of Engineering, Smartpay NZ

As a service provider, we continue to provide best in-market service and support to our customers. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist customers with the set-up and support of any of these new technologies via phone calls, emails or our support form.

With lockdown restrictions easing and a new found sense of freedom is granted to Kiwi consumers along with Christmas around the corner, we wish our merchants the very best of luck in making the most of this new normal and imminent rise in customer demand and sales volumes.

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