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Is your EFTPOS ready to take payments when you return to business?

Like many business owners around the country, you probably have a hundred things to think about before you start operating again. With the anticipation of being able to supply goods and services to your customers once again, it is essential to ensure you can continue taking payments smoothly with your EFTPOS machine.

To help with this, we have compiled 3 handy steps you can do before using your EFTPOS terminal again, after an extended period of non-use.

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1. Re-start

If your terminal has been left powered on or connected to the network during the lockdown, please ensure that you re-boot (Turn Off / Turn On) the terminal before following the next steps.

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2. Software updates

After restarting, you may find that the terminal begins to download a software update. Please allow this update to complete entirely.

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3. Log-on

Once you switch on the terminal and it has completed its start up to the payments screen, try logging on first to make sure that the terminal is communicating with the network.


It’s quite useful to turn your terminal on at least 24 hours before you intend to use it to ensure that you can address any questions or issues early on before taking customer payments. 

“In most cases, following the first three steps will ensure that you are good to go and any potential issues are mostly resolved to save you time and avoid needing to call our help-desk.”

Here are some additional things you might want to consider before you start trading again:


If you have a mobile terminal, please ensure the battery is charged before using it. For models that use the charging cradle, ensure they are placed on that to charge up. Alternatively, charge your terminal as per the product instructions to ensure that it is all set-up and ready to go.

Contactless payments

To accommodate continued hygiene measures in your business premises, you could consider activating the contactless payments feature on your machine and letting customers pay with Paywave or other contactless methods (NFC). All Smartpay EFTPOS terminals are Paywave capable and you will need to contact your bank to discuss the costs of getting this service activated on your terminal.

Additional PIN pad 

You might want to consider adding an additional customer facing PIN pad to your countertop EFTPOS machine to ensure minimal contact between the customer and yourself (and your employees). Once you enter the purchase amount for the transaction, the customer uses the additional PIN pad to make the payment. It is a reliable and convenient solution which enhances your business’ safety. You can contact our sales team to request this.

Paper rolls 

Ensure that you are stocked up with the necessary paper rolls and spare accessories, such as chargers, when you re-open. Due to the post-lockdown rush, you might like to be prepared should you see an influx of higher than usual customers and transactions. You can order these from our online shop.

Short term rental

Certain businesses (such as hairdressers) may have very high demand into the few weeks following the end of lockdown. You might want to consider renting an additional EFTPOS terminal for a short period of time to accommodate more customers wanting to pay quickly. Our Short term and Open term rental solutions allow you to rent a fully set-up mobile terminal on a flexible term anywhere from a couple of days to under 6 months. You can contact our sales team to request this.

As you prepare to trade again, you can give yourself a quick refresher on terminal usage and features by checking out our user guides page to find instructions for your specific EFTPOS terminal model.

At any time, should you need support or have questions for us, our technical support team is happy to help. We are always available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and are operational during all the lockdown levels.

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