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Delays ahead – Get your EFTPOS sorted for the busy season

BUsy cafe with customers

With the busy season around the corner, summer at our doorstep and festivities in preparation, there’s a lot to look forward to for Kiwi businesses looking to make the most of the imminent increase in customer demand. 

Furthermore, with the newly introduced traffic light system about to kick in, it certainly looks like this busy season will be busier than ever; not just a rise in volume of customers and sales but also an increase in administrative workload for our merchants.

Looking across the ditch, Aussies in NSW celebrated their “Freedom Day” by splurging in excess of $12.5 million in under 24 hours on restaurants, pubs, bars while $5 million was spent on hairdressers and beauty services and Retail spending was $100 million. If this is something to go by, you want your business to be prepared, flexible and agile in anticipation of this and still offer the best customer experience possible while also getting customers in and out the door quickly and safely. 

With the continual changes to levels of freedom for Kiwis, we advise businesses to prepare for this by anticipating delays that may occur in the supply of services – including EFTPOS.

In our experience, both banks and courier companies are facing delays in providing their services to customers. This in turn, can cause potential delays to you receiving your EFTPOS terminals from us. Some banks are facing up to 4 week delays on new merchant applications, while others aren’t able to process applications without requiring you to be physically present. Couriers are also facing 5-7 day delays in Auckland, which we anticipate will not change with the continued rise in online shopping and Christmas shopping.

If you are looking to switch providers, get an additional terminal or a short term rental we suggest you look into this ASAP so you can get trading faster. Get in touch with one of our payments specialists who can guide you through the process.

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