Alipay Red Packet Global Campaign


Alipay run several major campaigns a year around key events in the Chinese calendar with great offers for their users.

As a Smartpay customer accepting Alipay your business can participate in these. Not yet a Smartpay customer? Click here to apply online

Your customers can get up to 2888RMB cashback to spend through Alipay

On special occasions Chinese give monetary gifts in red packets (the red colour symbolises good luck). Your customers can scan a Red Packet QR code for an instant cashback coupon of up to 2888RMB – that’s over $600NZD and all funded by Alipay.

Alipay use this red packet mechanism frequently so your customer knows what to expect.

What do you need to do?

Display the Red Packet QR in your store

Ideally on your window so it’s visible from outside, and inside near your till.

Encourage Chinese customers to scan the code

Remind your customers to scan the QR as it can drive sales for your business. If they get a coupon they only have seven days to use it giving them a great reason to spend more with you.

No need to train your staff - your customer knows what to do

They will automatically receive the deduction when they go to make a purchase over the coupon amount. They simply confirm the payment in Alipay as usual, and the payment success screen shows the coupon has been deducted.

What display materials are available?

You should receive a standard pack of two stickers in Chinese – one large (A5) for your window, and one smaller one (A6) for your counter. On the left is the English translation of these stickers but you will be sent stickers in Chinese.

Also available are A3 or A4 size posters, or acrylic L-shaped stands. You can order these free promotional signage by completing the following form:

Alipay Red Packet Campaign FAQs

Alipay users may scan the QR Code for more information at the online campaign page, including the campaign period and terms and conditions.

This campaign is only Chinese citizens who have verified their Alipay account using China ID and when using Alipay services outside China. Each Alipay user can receive a maximum of 5 coupons every 30 days from the beginning of the campaign period until the end of the campaign period. They can’t collect another coupon any already collected are used or expire. If the users requests a refund, the coupon will NOT be refunded to them.

This campaign is only Chinese citizens who have verified their Alipay account using China ID. If they already have a valid Red Packet coupon in their wallet they can’t scan another. There is a limit to how many they can collect in each period of the campaign.

The customer can see these in the terms of their coupon.

The coupon will be deducted automatically upon any purchase amount exceeding the coupon amount. They can only split payment where they have a 2888RMB coupon.

Open Alipay App scan the Red Packet QR Code to receive a coupon. The coupon is valid for 7 days after collection.

The Red Packet Campaign is designed to encourage Alipay users to spend overseas using Alipay for in-store payments. It is a one-year long campaign, with the current offer being for the Chinese summer period (15th July – 14th Sep 2018) (Beijing Time).

No, this campaign is entirely funded by Alipay. With Smartpay you’ll still be settled the full NZD dollar amount of the transaction. However, when redeeming a Red Packet coupon your customer simply has to pay the difference between the purchase amount and the coupon value.

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