Can I hotspot from my mobile to my Wi-Fi EFTPOS terminal?

EFTPOS terminals aren’t very data hungry so using a hotspot is an option to connect your terminal to the internet. However, a hotspot may not be as reliable as connecting to a Wi-Fi network for every day or heavy usage – consider how you’ll keep your mobile charged and whether you want to connect multiple devices. You’ll also need to check your mobile plan – some unlimited mobile data plan exclude the use of tethering and Wi-Fi hotspots, or you need to add an extra with your service provider to enable this.

If using your mobile phone as a hotspot isn’t suitable but you don’t have another Wi-Fi network available, consider a mobile terminal which takes its own data SIM (plan included with a Smartpay lease) or look into a mobile modem or hotspot that can have it’s own SIM and connect multiple devices.