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Guide to Short-term EFTPOS hire in New Zealand

food truck lady using short term EFTPOS hire

The benefits of having EFTPOS for your business are undeniable; instant payment approvals, no fiddling with cash, and the ability to accept contactless digital payments to name a few.

As an experienced EFTPOS provider, we understand that there are times you need to hire EFTPOS for just a short period to accept payments. A short term EFTPOS machine hire could be for an event, a busy seasonal period, or even just to trial EFTPOS for your business. 

So where does this solution work out best? What are the benefits? And what do you need for a short term EFTPOS hire in NZ? Here’s a useful guide we have put together on the top things you should know about getting a short-term EFTPOS rental.

Hiring EFTPOS for a short time? - Top 5 things you should know:

1. What is short term EFTPOS hire for?

  • Taking payments on the go for a limited time: 
    These best suit merchants who don’t have a permanent EFTPOS solution for their business and just want a machine for a short time. Or even those who have a long-term solution but need an extra machine to get out and about to collect payments for an event.


    It’s a great way to get paid instantly from customers and with a third of Kiwis no longer carrying cash, there are no more lost customers to a “cash only” sign. We even offer special discounts on short-term EFTPOS hires for schools, learning institutions, and charities – just ask us for our special rates for your organisation.

  • Adding an EFTPOS terminal to your existing set-up
    If your business experiences one-off busy periods such as during promotions, sales, and events, a short term EFTPOS hire can help move those queues faster and capture more sales from customers.

    If your business experiences longer, seasonal uptakes in sales, our seasonal rental solution might be a better fit. Designed for businesses that require EFTPOS for 3 to 12 months; this solution is cheaper than a short-term rental and flexible if you need to extend your rental period. Talk to us if your business has seasonal requirements.

  • Trial an EFTPOS solution
    If you are wanting to test the benefits of having EFTPOS for your business, a short-term EFTPOS rental is a great way to do this. Forget chasing invoices and cheques in the mail and take payments instantly upon job completion or when making a sale.

2. What are the benefits of hiring EFTPOS for a short term?

  • Accept payments instantly and anywhere on-the-go
    Short-term EFTPOS rentals should come with a mobile EFTPOS machine that is portable and connects with a SIM card. This allows you to collect payments anywhere in New Zealand where there is cell phone coverage and makes it an ideal solution for a busy event booth or a market stall.

    Handy tip: It pays to check with your provider if they have any added costs for the SIM card or the data. At Smartpay, all our short term rental plans include a Vodafone SIM card with unlimited data.

  • Safe and quick transactions
    Take payments with instant authorisations and quick funds settlement (as specified by your merchant bank). No need to take the risk of carrying cash or wasting precious time counting change. You can focus on providing a good customer experience instead.
  • Accept a wide range of payment options
    By accepting contactless payments at your next event, you can increase revenue and serve more customers compared to merchants who don’t accept contactless.

    contactless being the no. 1 preferred payment method in NZ, you want to make sure you’re capturing more customers by providing flexibility in how they pay. All Smartpay EFTPOS machines are capable of accepting contactless and credit card payments. You just need to activate this with your merchant bank.

    You can even pass on the cost of acceptance for these payments to your customers by adding an automatic surcharge on your EFTPOS machine. At Smartpay, we offer this feature free of charge. Simply talk to us to have it configured on your Short term EFTPOS rental when you book one with us.
  • Flexible solution on your terms
    With a short term rental, you can hire the EFTPOS machine for a day, a week, or a month. It is flexible without the need to enter longer term contracts. Smartpay even offers easy extensions for those who want to keep the terminal longer. Simply reach out to us and we can talk you through how this works.

3. What do you need to do to hire EFTPOS for a short term?

There are a few prerequisites to hiring an EFTPOS machine to collect payments and receive funds from your customers. Here are the things you will need:

An EFTPOS provider
To hire your EFTPOS machine. Your EFTPOS provider will provide you with a configured EFTPOS terminal set-up to take payments and receive the funds from your customers.

Business bank account
To which you can receive your funds. A sole trading account will also work for this. Smartpay machines can work with all merchant bank accounts. Whilst we able to provide referrals to the bank for you to help move things around quicker, it can take banks up to a few weeks to get things set up so it is best not to leave this last minute.

Merchant (Worldline) ID
This helps you connect your EFTPOS terminal to the payment network through which the transfer of funds happens from your customers’ to your bank account. We can help you with the process of getting all these arranged. Smartpay has highly reliable, easy-to-use EFTPOS terminals which we back up with a 24/7 support promise and excellent customer service.

Our payment specialists are happy to talk you through your options and also provide you with referrals to the banks for quicker turnaround times.

4. How much does a short term EFTPOS machine hire cost?

This largely depends on how long you need the EFTPOS machine for. Usually, the longer you rent the machine, the more economical the per day cost works out to be.

Smartpay has all-inclusive and affordably priced rental plans for our short term EFTPOS hire solutions. All our plans come with a 24/7 phone support guarantee and prompt service including easy returns and replacement of faulty terminals. The EFTPOS machine comes ready to use right out of the box and 4 paper rolls are included for printing receipts. 

You can check out our short term EFTPOS hire plans and pricing here.

Additional third-party fees will apply, including a network fee (Wordline) and any additional fees charged by your merchant bank (such as merchant service fees if you are accepting contactless and credit card payments).

5. When should I book my short term EFTPOS hire?

It is always advisable to book in advance, to ensure you reserve your machine especially due to the busy season. Contact us as soon as you know you’ll need one so we can help you get everything ready to go well in advance. Short-term EFTPOS rentals tend to be highly popular over the summer months and courier deliveries can potentially be delayed especially due to the Christmas rush. 

  • For merchants that have a merchant (Worldline) ID and an additional lane (Terminal ID) available, we can configure and dispatch the EFTPOS machine the next business day. However, we advise getting in early to avoid any unexpected delays with the couriers. We also provide a free pick-up option from our office.


  • For merchants that have a merchant (Worldline) ID available, you will need to contact your merchant bank to get an additional lane (Terminal ID) issued from Worldline.


  • For merchants that do not have a merchant ID available, the process of getting one from the banks can take up to a few weeks. We can provide referrals to speed this up and recommend you speak to us for prompt assistance with this.

Being a specialist provider of EFTPOS solutions, Smartpay provides end-to-end service for Short term rental solutions. We provide a fully programmed and ready-to-use EFTPOS terminal and back it up with a 24/7 local help desk support – so you can do what you do best – focus on your business and customers. 

If you would like to book your Short term EFTPOS rental with us, get in touch and we will set you up

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