Give yourself a little payments peace of mind

Smartpay customers can get some extra peace of mind by taking up insurance for their EFTPOS terminal.  We understand how important the EFTPOS terminal is to business and we know as it is in the frontline it can be accidentaly damaged or stolen.  Any of this damage is usually covered by the business's insurance however in some cases the excess is $1000.  This is more than the cost of the replacement terminal so we have listened to our customers and come up with another New Zealand first. Our own EFTPOS insurance for our customers to ensure the maximum you pay is $195 per terminal per incident allowing certainty and peace of mind.  Of course fair wear and tear is covered by our lease, the insurance policy covers any other fault, damage or misadventure aside from alien abduction.


How do I get EFTPOS terminal insurance?

You can add EFTPOS terminal insurance when you lease an EFTPOS terminal on a monthly plan or purchase.


What does EFTPOS insurance cover?

EFTPOS terminal insurance covers your EFTPOS terminal, the battery, the charger and your SIM card but it does not include any EFTPOS accessories.


While insured your EFTPOS terminal is covered for:

Accidental damage (including repairs or replacement, depending on severity)
Accidental Loss
Extended Warranty


The price of EFTPOS insurance is...

For stand alone or fixed terminals (non mobile), the monthly premium is $7.95.
For mobile terminals the monthly premium is $9.95.
An excess of $195 per claim applies. The above prices all exclude GST.


What else you should know...

You can opt for EFTPOS insurance at any time however Smartpay reserves the right to accept your policy. EFTPOS insurance is only available for Smartpay approved EFTPOS terminals.

If Your Terminal is accidentally damaged, stolen or breaks down during the Period of Insurance We will at our option either repair it or replace it with the same or a similarly featured Smartpay Terminal. Warranty cover commences for breakdowns once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.  The replacement terminal is also covered by your insurance as long as you are abiding by the Policy Terms and Conditions. 

If you change your mind within the first 30 days then you can contact us and we will refund your premium and cancel your policy.

Check out the policy details online here or download a copy to peruse in your own time here.

To sign up give us a call on 0800 4 SMARTPAY (476 278) or send us an email.


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