Does accepting credit cards cost you money?

With more and more customers paying with credit cards, are your costs getting out of hand?

Payment solutions made easy

Smartpay Smartcharge means you can minimise these costs to your business by automatically adding an administration surcharge fee to credit card transactions when a customer swipes or inserts their credit card.

Smartcharge Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The Smartpay Pax EFTPOS terminal identifies credit transactions and adds a percentage or flat fee (that you set) to the transaction automatically. No fuss, no maths required! Just a payments solution made easy.

What EFTPOS terminal does it work on?

It works on the complete Smartpay Pax range except the D200.  If you need a Pax EFTPOS terminal then give us a call on 0800 476 278.

Can I change the rate?

Yes you can. The rate is set on our secure EFTPOS terminal management server and we can change this with 24 hours notice. You can change this twice with no charge. Following this it will cost $50 per change.

What else can be configured?

Surcharge Bypass allows you to opt to not surcharged for individual transactions by entering the bypass PIN

Surcharge thresholds can be set for minimum and maximum values

Can I trial the service?
Not sure if your customers will accept the charge? You can trial the service and cancel it with 48 hours notice. There is a one month minimum subscription fee payable.

Important things to know

  • The Smartcharge surcharge fee must be disclosed to the cardholder prior to the completion of the transaction and the cardholder must be given an opportunity to cancel the transaction or use another method of payment;
  • The Smartcharge surcharge Fee is included as part of the total amount of the transaction and not collected separately; (This is part of the Smartpay Solution)
  • The Smartcharge surcharge fee must bear a reasonable relationship to your cost of accepting nominated cards for payment. If you apply a Surcharge Fee, then you may apply such a Surcharge Fee on a flat rate or percentage basis.

Your disclosure to the cardholder must:

  • Inform the cardholder that a Surcharge Fee is assessed;
  • Inform the cardholder of the Surcharge Fee amount or rate;
  • Not describe the Surcharge Fee as, or inform the cardholder that the Surcharge Fee is, assessed by a card scheme or a financial institution; (i.e. Don’t blame the banks)
  • Include notices, signs or decals disclosing that you assess a Surcharge Fee.

Such notices, signs or decals must be displayed in a conspicuous location or location at the point of sale at each of your business premises, or, in the absence of a physical point of sale, prominently during an electronic commerce transaction or communicated clearly during a MOTO transaction so that all cardholders will be aware of the Surcharge Fee;

  • Be clearly displayed or communicated in the transaction environment or process, including (if there is a physical point of sale) at the terminal or cashier’s desk and be of as high a contrast as any other signs or decals displayed;
  • Be in a minimum of Arial 10 point font.

Your Transaction Receipt for the transaction must clearly disclose the Surcharge Fee (Which the Smartpay solution does).

And the following information must appear on such receipt:

  • The Surcharge Fee, indicated in the transaction currency. (Which the Smartpay solution does)

Download a sample surcharge sign here.

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