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Marketing your business on Alipay

Mobile phone with Alipay on screen

Discover – one-stop overseas travel solution

Discover is accessed by one of four main buttons on main page (Coupons). The listings in Discover also appear in the city landing page which is the page users see when they open the site. When overseas, users will open the Alipay app and see a city landing page that recognises their current location

Anatomy of Alipay Discover

When you are onboarded to Alipay for payments, each Store ID automatically gets a listing on the Discover platform.

Only basic info from the application form is populated in Discover at this point. Your ‘store’ needs to be ‘decorated’ to attract Alipay users to view your listing

AliPay screenshots

Coupon templates in Alipay

There are two types of coupons in Discover for merchants to use – Code Coupon and Graphical Coupon.

For code coupon, your POS system must be able to generate codes for coupons, and to configure promotion rules for the codes that are generated. There is no need to pre-generate the codes for Graphical Coupons. Graphics and text can be used to describe promotion activities. Users must collect the coupon in advance by saving to their wallet. They then show the coupon to the merchant to redeem.

The offer is applied in the POS to reduce the amount payablein the same way offers are normally applied (e.g. Prefunding in Alipay is not needed to issue the coupon).

There are 5 discount types available:

  • Deduction-with-purchase (a specific amount off when the purchase reaches a certain amount)
  • Fixed price (non-negotiable bottom price)
  • Rebate coupon (amount of discount that customers can use in next purchase)
  • Gift-with-purchase (get a gift for free)

Coupons in Discover

AliPay app screens

Coupon collection and redemption

AliPay coupons

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