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Different Ways You Can Connect Your EFTPOS

Card inserted in EFTPOS machine with payment screen

When setting up your EFTPOS you can connect your terminal in a number of ways. 

Depending on your terminal, each of these has pros and cons. We’ve detailed this below to keep you in the know.

Broadband or Fibre
(Direct ethernet connection)

A broadband/fibre connection via direct ethernet connection is a physical, wired connection between your modem and your EFTPOS terminal.

This is a physical connection, which is more consistent than a Wi-Fi connection.

The EFTPOS terminal’s mobility is bound by the length of the ethernet cable.

(Broadband or fibre)

Wi-Fi is a wireless connection generated from your modem.

Mobility – you can transact anywhere your Wi-Fi connection covers.

Needs a reliable network connection (i.e. doesn’t cut out regularly).

Mobile data

You can connect via mobile data by enabling the SIM card in your terminal and connecting to the mobile network directly from your EFTPOS terminal.

You can transact anywhere there’s mobile phone reception.

(From a mobile or tablet)

Hotspotting is when you use the existing internet connection your mobile or tablet has and connect your EFTPOS terminal via that connection.

If your Wi-Fi is down and you don’t have a direct broadband or fibre connection, you can use this as a backup.

You need to use your phone or tablet for the connection.

Connecting your EFTPOS

To connect your EFTPOS follow the instructions included in the pack you received with the terminal. Alternatively, you can download the instructions here; just select ‘Getting Started’ under the terminal you use.

More on our mobile terminals

Our S920 terminal can connect via WiFi and mobile data. The terminal comes complete with a SIM card installed, so if you would like to use the mobile data connection, please contact us and we’ll activate it for you. Your contract may include this.

View our mobile terminals here

Connecting via mobile data

If you have issues connecting via mobile data, let us know and we can swap terminals to see if the other SIM card type is better suited to your location. This can usually be done at no additional cost.

Need assistance setting up your EFTPOS connection?

If you need help getting set up or would like to know more, you visit this page on our Help Centre or feel free to contact our 24/7 Customer Care Team on 0800 476 278.

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