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Accepting QR payments for your taxi

EFTPOS machine with QR code on screen

Alipay and WeChat Pay are lifestyle super apps, embedded in Chinese daily life.

Together, Alipay and WeChat Pay account for over 93% of China’s mobile payments. If you can imagine Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Uber Eats, Trip Adviser and the ability to make payments all rolled into one, that’s a lifestyle super app.

In China, many of the western social media platforms like Facebook and Google are blocked so apps like Alipay and WeChat are incredibly popular.

The way Chinese prefer to pay

Two thirds of Chinese have used mobile payments when overseas, and mobile payments account for around 41% of all transactions made by Chinese tourists. In fact, Chinese now use mobile payments as much as cash when travelling!

Alipay helps Chinese tourists find your cab

By accepting Alipay your taxi brand is now visible to 600 million Chinese through the Discover section of the Alipay app.
  • The Discover section helps tourists plan their trip and get information in their own language and currency.
  • Your listing in Discover includes your company logo, contact details and information on the services you offer – all translated into Chinese.

It’s important to display these stickers so they are visible from inside and outside your taxi.

Chinese feel pride in seeing the Alipay and WeChat Pay brands and feel more welcome when they know you accept these payment methods.

EFTPOS machine with Alipay table card

Accepting Alipay and WeChat on your EFTPOS terminal is easy

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