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5 key ways to get the most out of your EFTPOS solution

Reliability in technology is key to smooth operations – especially when taking payments. But like with any technology, while there is a chance that your EFTPOS may not always run smoothly 100% of the time, there are methods to ensure that you can protect yourself and receive the assistance required to get back to taking payments smoothly.

There are 5 key elements that contribute to the effectiveness of your EFTPOS solution to ensure you get the most out of this payment technology.

1. Dependable EFTPOS machine

Your EFTPOS terminal is the main hardware component that allows you to to take payments from your customers. Not only should you look out for an EFTPOS terminal that is easy to use and dependable but choose a provider that supports you with free swap outs when necessary and has options to lease immediate back-up terminals located at your place of business.

Being the primary element, it is important that you do your research and take the time to find one that is reliable and of high quality from a trusted provider. Your research should consider your business and customer requirements and the payment features you need.

It is good practice to take care of the terminal by giving it a regular clean and charging it when it is not in use (in case of mobile terminals). Also ensure that it regularly downloads the applicable updates when available.

2. Secure EFTPOS network

Secure payments are crucial from your customers and your business’ perspective to ensure that funds are safely and correctly being transferred to your merchant bank account and your customers’ card details are private and protected.

The EFTPOS payments network is your gateway to your merchant facility and is responsible for processing payment authorisations and transactions. A reliable payments network is important for quick and secure payments processing.

Smartpay terminals use the Worldline (previously known as Paymark) network and are compliant with the latest security standards by undergoing regular security testing of the hardware and software connecting to the payments network. We release regular software updates (applied remotely) to keep our EFTPOS terminals compliant with industry regulations.

3. Stable EFTPOS connection

A reliable and stable connection method is required to allow your terminal to communicate with the payment network. Internet (wired or wireless) and mobile (GPRS) connections are the most common for modern EFTPOS terminals

It is important to take into account your premises’ setup and available connections when choosing your terminal – and to ensure you have at least one backup connection available. So if you are choosing a Wi-Fi terminal, ensure you have good Wi-Fi available throughout your shop and a back-up SIM option. Or if you are choosing a countertop terminal, check that your ethernet/LAN cable will reach your EFTPOS terminal. Using your mobile hotspot is also a good fall back option should the internet connection become unavailable.

At all times, it is important to ensure your internet connection is stable. Thinking ahead will prevent situations where you get a communication error from the terminal or are unable to take payments or are holding up customers.

4. Proper EFTPOS usage with staff training

Providing your staff with the right training to use the EFTPOS terminal correctly and efficiently will ensure they are adept at processing payments smoothly.

Complete training also includes using the additional EFTPOS machine features and dealing with and fixing common issues that require a simple fix such as changing paper rolls, updating and rebooting the terminal and processing refunds when required.

Staff can also be advised that Smartpay’s phone support services are available round the clock at no additional charge and EFTPOS terminals have stickers carrying the contact details and the machine’s serial number.

Considering POS integrations (depending on your type of business) is also a great way to reduce human interaction with the EFTPOS terminal by sending transactions over directly to the terminal from the POS program. Learn more about POS integration here.

5. Prompt EFTPOS support

In a scenario where an issue needs to be escalated to your EFTPOS terminal provider, it is key to ensure you get useful and timely support available to you. Having 24/7 free support available means you can reach out as soon as you need assistance and a resolution can be provided to get your EFTPOS back on track and taking payments again.

Smartpay supports one of the largest fleets of EFTPOS terminals across NZ and Australia with more than 35,000 terminals across 25,000 businesses. Providing industry leading technology and service with tailored EFTPOS solutions to suit any business, we believe in helping you take payments anywhere, at any time.

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