Looking for a better EFTPOS deal?

Smartpay is the biggest provider of EFTPOS terminals in New Zealand, so you’re in safe hands.

Smartpay has a wide range of EFTPOS terminals, including both countertop, mobile and integrated terminals. We have options that work through wired broadband, Wi-Fi and fixed line connections. What do you want from your new terminal?

Fast Processing

If it’s speed you’re after then rest assured that our terminals are some of the fastest on the market, offering high spec processing speeds and the latest security features.

Value for money

If price is your main consideration, then let’s talk. We offer competitive rates on our terminals and additional features to enhance the sales process and customer experience.

Why Choose Smartpay?

Learn a bit more about why you should choose Smartpay to be your payment provider.

Benefits of the Smartpay’s EFTPOS solution if you’re looking to make the switch


From a savvy mobile EFTPOS to stylish countertop models to a simple mobile device, you’ll find the right EFTPOS machine to match your needs, whatever your industry or size


We have a 24/7 Helpdesk that is manned by a team of technical specialists always available when you need it


With Tap and Go functionality being one of the fastest growing payments trends across NZ, we offer this functionality on all our terminals so you can take payment faster and reduce wait times


Safe and secure and it pays to know your solution is protected by the most secure and reliable security technology available today


Multiple connection options, including fixed line Internet, 3G or Wi-Fi, and can also be tethered to a mobile phone or tablet or by using an existing broadband Wi-Fi connection

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