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Smartpay Hardware Warranty


1.1 Smartpay provides a replacement warranty for any defective or faulty terminals or parts on the terms set out in below. Such warranty will be valid for a period of one year (unless otherwise specified) from the date each terminal or part is delivered to you.

1.2 Smartpay warrants that at the date each terminal is delivered to you, that terminal is PCI Compliant to the date listed in that terminal’s specifications (“PCI Compliant Date”). You acknowledge that the PCI Compliant Date can be changed at any time by Paymark and that Smartpay will not be liable under this warranty if Paymark changes the PCI Compliant Date of a terminal after the date on which that Terminal is delivered to you by Smartpay.

1.3 You acknowledge and agree that Smartpay’s terminal and parts warranty above does not extend to, and you will be solely responsible for and shall meet the cost of, any loss, damage, destruction or breakdown of a terminal or part found to be caused by any of the following:

  • Unauthorised attempts by others to repair, maintain, modify, relocate or reconfigure the terminal or part.

  • A force majeure event (which includes, without limitation, fire, earthquake, flooding, storm or any other “act of God”).

  • Vandalism, burglary, impact damage, water damage, power surges, or any other damage resulting from the terminal or part being used for other than its intended use or other than in accordance with any user guides and user instructions provided to you by Smartpay.

  • Electrical work external to the terminal or part.

  • Cosmetic refinishing.

  • Furnishing operating supplies or accessories.

  • Any other damage caused by, or due to any act or omission by, you or an end user.


2.1 In the event that the warranty does not apply, Smartpay will repair any faulty terminal that has damaged, destroyed or broken in accordance with the rates set out in the rates schedule (as may be updated from time to time).

2.2, Damage is assessed and determined on a case-by case basis. The amount of damage caused to the outer casing of the terminal, coupled with any damage that may have been caused to the main components, along with the time taken to repair, contributes to the standard repair charges.

2.3 All other repairs not listed below to be quoted on prior to the repair being undertaken.