With Smartpay you can accept payment with UnionPay. Open your doors to over 200,000 new customers…

What is UnionPay?

They're the main card carried by visitors from China, our fourth largest and fastest growing visitor market. UnionPay cardholders also come from 24 other countries, including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. There are more than 3 billion UnionPay cards out there. If your customers come from any of these countries you should give us a call today.


UnionPay Direct 

Make it easy for Asian tourists and visitors to shop with you.

  • Give UnionPay cardholders direct access to their accounts so you can make more sales
  • You only pay a fee when you make a sale, so there's nothing to lose
  • If you are with Smartpay and PAX already there's no change to your terminal and we can simply turn the service on once you have signed the UnionPay paperwork 

Give UnionPay cardholders direct access to their accounts

You could make more sales, if UnionPay cardholders can access their accounts through your EFTPOS terminal. Their shopping won't be limited by the cash they're carrying and they could buy a whole lot more from your business.


Make the change with no interruption to your business

Setting you up for UnionPay is very simple. Sign the merchant agreement with UnionPay, download the software to the Smartpay terminal and you are up and running.

To get UnionPay Direct on your Smartpay EFTPOS terminal now simply complete the Merchant Agreement form and return to sales@smartpay.co.nz or fax to 09 442 0622
Do you still have questions about UnionPay acceptance? Download our UnionPay FAQ here.

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