Take Payments Anywhere with Till2Go

Till2Go is the simple cash register app for retailers everywhere. It can be used on its own as a basic point of sale solution; or in tandem with the free Smartlink app integrated to a Smartpay D series EFTPOS terminal.

Now business owners can go mobile with ease. Ditch the clunky cash register or low tech notebook, Till2Go will turn your iPad or iPhone into a mobile POS with the Bill2Go invoice maker. Smartpay's Till2Go gives you an easy to use POS solution with minimal capital outlay and integrated EFTPOS capability.


Introducing Bill2Go  

In version 1.7 of Till2Go, released October 2015, we've included our new invoice/billing feature, Bill2Go. Create one off tax invoices listing sale items, descriptions, costs and GST components; and take payment on the spot with your integrated Smartpay EFTPOS terminal or email directly to your clients.

Not only that, we've listened to your feedback and have some great new Till2Go features...


New Till2Go functionality 

  • Report data can be emailed as a .CSV file so you can open it directly into most common spreadsheet programs
  • GST can be turned on or off at department level
  • Users can now select custom date range to view specific transaction reports
  • Add/delete function on bill line items to change quantity one unit at a time
  • Percentage values displayed on sales distribution graph for quick identification of segment trends
  • Automatically generated sequential invoice number on every sale
  • Add a personalised logo
  • Switch between Till2Go POS and Bill2Go invoice functionality
  • Add your merchant account details for direct credit payment of Bill2Go invoices

Click to watch the Till2Go video:

Till2Go Features

  • User friendly interface
  • Customisable header for including merchant details and GST number
  • Sales departments to segment your products and services
  • Programmable quick keys for one touch sales entry
  • Able to email sales reports and view transaction history
  • Send merchant and customer e-receipts


Use Till2Go with the Smartlink app for integrated card payments

  • Using a secure and recognised EFTPOS kit that your customer will be comfortable with. Our D series terminals mean you can take mobile payments anywhere with a secure WiFi connection.  
  • Integrated with Paymark approved terminals with the latest security technology
  • No more double entry of payment amounts - reducing keying errors 
  • Carry less cash and forget about change hassles
  • Receive funds straight to your bank account
  • Save paper and capture customer contact information by emailing receipts
  • Streamline your sales counter and payment process

Till2Go is the perfect mobile payments solution for:

  • Markets
  • Trade shows
  • Events
  • Food/coffee trucks
  • Mobile businesses
  • Any small business looking to replace their clunky cash register and reclaim selling space


  • Apple iPad or iPhone device (running iOS 7.0 or later software)
  • Smartpay D series EFTPOS terminal (D210 or D200) to accept card payments 
  • Secure WiFi network
  • Paymark merchant number

Optional accessories available from Smartpay:

  • Cash drawer
  • POS receipt printer (we recommend the Star TSP100 Series Ethernet printer) 
  • Tablet/Terminal stand
  • Carry pouch 
  • Phone/D200 holder


Getting started

The Till2Go and Smartlink apps are available free from the App Store. If you want to take card payments and don’t have a Smartpay D series EFTPOS terminal contact us today.

Need more information? Check out the Till2Go support page for Quick Guide, FAQs and more here

By using Till2Go and Smartlink you understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Terms and Conditions documents available. You can download Till2Go app Terms and Conditions here. You can download Smartlink app Terms and Conditions here.

Download the Till2Go User Guide here.

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