If your business operates a Cash Register or Point of Sale (POS) system then interfacing EFTPOS is an excellent feature to enhance your system as it makes processing EFTPOS transactions quicker, reduces store errors and is more secure.


Over 30 of the many popular POS systems currently support connection to our EFTPOS Terminals using the interfaced functionality called Keylink. Keylink provides the store owner peace of mind and more control over the sale by linking the POS system to the EFTPOS Terminal.
When tendering a sale, an EFTPOS Payment button on the POS automatically sends the transaction type and amount to the EFTPOS Terminal electronically, quickly and accurately, ensuring human errors are eliminated. For instance, instead of totaling up a sale for $20.00 and then on the EFTPOS terminal accidentally keying in $2.00, Keylink will always send the correct amount electronically.
Security is also enhanced using Keylink as the Customer is able to hold onto and swipe their EFTPOS card themselves.
When a store operator is busy or distracted it is very easy to miss declined EFTPOS transactions which cost your business money, Keylink Plus prevents this from happening as the sale won't close if EFTPOS is declined.

Suitable For:
Keylink is ideal for any business that uses a Cash Register or POS system that is looking for fast and accurate transaction processing.

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