Wired or Counter-top Solutions

Smartpay has the most feature rich, up-to-date and reliable EFTPOS terminal range in New Zealand including contactless Tap & Go on our entire fleet. 

Below you’ll find our range of simple, counter-top wired solutions. To operate, these need to be plugged in, as opposed to our mobile range of terminals.

PAX S800

Wired EFTPOS for Small Business just got a whole lot better. The S800 is Smartpay's simplest yet highest spec countertop static EFTPOS machine, for those that don't need a mobile solution. It's perfect for businesses that need the latest security features and fast processing speeds.

S800 features include

A touch screen offers an improved customer experience as well as customisable screen graphics
A colour screen makes this terminal much easier to use 
In the past mobile EFTPOS machines connected through 2G, but the new S800 connects through the much faster 3G mobile network, through GPRS or via a LAN or PSTN connection
The latest security features are built right into the machine and its PCI PTS 3.x Approved
A powerful 400MHz 32-bit ARM11 processor ensures this terminal is one of the fastest on the market
Link this terminal to other devices, like an iPad, tablet or phone using Smartpay's easy to use Smartlink system
Link this terminal easily to Smartpay's very own POS solution, Till2Go or to a third party POS solution to one of the many other POS solution on the market.
Enabled for smart card, mag strip, contactless, NFC Tap and Go, and TSM mobile wallet payments
The S800 comes with a built in super fast 25 line per second thermal printer


More than just EFTPOS. The S80 counter-top solution - our best, most full-featured EFTPOS terminal yet. With a small footprint, the terminal takes up minimal space ensuring your counter top remains clean & uncluttered. The one piece technology has an embedded secure PIN pad which increases product durability, reliability and reduced cabling. The S80 terminal is also expandable with an extended S300 PINpad for added convenience.

The ‘all-in-one’ ergonomic design is intuitive to use for everyday EFTPOS processing requirements and more. 

S80 features include:     

  • Broadband Connectivity for faster transaction processing
  • Dialup connectivity fall-back option for peace of mind
  • Easy to use with big buttons, large fonts, and a clear white backlit LCD screen
  • Accepts both chip and mag-stripe cards
  • Interfaces with a number of POS terminals for even greater efficiency
  • Contactless and NFC capable
  • Smartpay App enabled to provide increased value to your business (EG On terminal tipping, Auto Surcharge, UnionPay Direct and many more)

For more information on the Pay Plus solution download the brochure here.

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