In many businesses it makes sense to use a separate PINPad connected to a master EFTPOS terminal, perhaps for security reasons or due to limited space concerns.

Smartpay offers a range of PINPads that work with their terminals.

S300 PINPad

Combine our latest S300 PINPad with your terminal to get the latest in payments technology and security with proven durability and reliable performance. Separate merchant and customer facing devices give improved access to all parties and a seamless payment experience. 

The S300 PINPad can be used both for small business, with limited space as well as within much larger retailers with multiple aisles, requiring a a number of linked PINPads.

S300 PINPad features include:

  • Reduced payment processing times with a dedicated customer PINpad
  • Improved fraud protection as the cardholder never has to hand over their card
  • Broadband connectivity for faster transaction processing
  • Dialup connectivity fall-back option for peace of mind
  • Easy to use with big buttons, large fonts, coloured LCD screen
  • Accepts chip, magstripe and contactless smart cards
  • Contactless and NFC capable
  • Smartpay App enabled to provide increased value to your business (e.g. on terminal tipping and Auto Surcharge)

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