Smartpay's Mobile EFTPOS terminals are designed for merchants that don't have access to traditional communication methods (telephone, broadband / internet), don't maintain a traditional bricks and mortar store, or simply want the flexibility to take a payment anywhere at any time.


Our Mobile EFTPOS Range

Smartpay has the biggest range of mobile EFTPOS and WIFI enabled EFTPOS terminals in New Zealand.

The S90 Mobile EFTPOS Terminal

The S90 is Smartpay's biggest selling mobile EFTPOS terminal. It's rugged construction and great performance has stood the test of time. It links to the internet through a GPRS signal, operating anywhere it can find a GPRS mobile signal.
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The S900 Mobile EFTPOS Terminal, for Retail and Hospitality

The S900 EFTPOS terminal is Smartpay's feature-rich, high end payments solution. It offers businesses a mobile  solution with an extended battery life, built in printer, a colour touch screen, a powerful processor and latest security features. This terminal easily links to other devices using Smartpay’s Smartlink system.

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The D200 Mobile EFTPOS terminal

The D200 is our best looking, beautifully designed EFTPOS machine. It connects to the internet via either a Bluetooth or WIFI connection. It's size makes it ideal for the Hospitality industry where it can be carried from table to table, and also linked to an iPad POS system, where counter space is an issue.

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The D210 Mobile EFTPOS terminal, with WIFI

The D210 features the very latest software and processor, combining incredibly fast payments along with latest security features and cutting edge design. This terminal comes with a built-in fast printer. It's a mobile terminal that connects through to the internet via a local WIFI signal. 

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Smartpay Mobile EFTPOS Terminals offer flexibility with the latest Tap and Go Technology

The S90 and D Series terminals gives merchants the flexibility to take their business mobile and process payments quickly and securely without compromising their personal safety by keeping large amounts of cash in the till. They're tried and tested in retail environments and will operate anywhere a broadband or Telstra GPRS Mobile Network signal is available. Coupled with the latest built in Tap and GO functionality merchants are able to take Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass transactions; offering faster transaction times; reducing queues and wait times; and offering their customers the flexibility to pay the way they want.

When to consider a wireless EFTPOS terminal for your Business

Choosing the right EFTPOS Machine for your business can be a difficult task, especially for new merchants that are not entirely sure of their requirements. When looking at a wireless EFTPOS terminal for your business it is important to consider such factors as how and where you plan to sell, what is expected in your particular industry and how the type of services your business offers dictates how your customers will expect to be able to pay. Smartpay suggests that merchants consider;

Is your business Mobile?

Obviously if you are a merchant that operates a mobile business you will require a wireless EFTPOS terminal not reliant on a fixed line telephone or internet connection. A mobile EFTPOS terminal that operates over a GPRS mobile network will allow you to take a payment wherever your business operates.

Will you take Telephone Orders or payment on site?

Taking payment over the phone (MOTO Transactions) does mean you won’t have to provide a terminal to every staff member on the road and potentially reduces costs. However it will increase the potential risk of chargebacks and require additional documentation to apply. Taking payment while your staff are on site and face to face with customers means that merchants can have greater peace of mind when they have sighted the customer and their card before taking payment, which subsequently reduces the risk of taking a fraudulent payment.

Does your business have existing communication infrastructure or will it need to be installed?

Most countertop terminals require some form of connectivity to process a transaction, whether it is a telephone line or internet connection, or simply the power cable. However, unless your business requires internet to function or you have a spare phone line being lightly used (such as a fax), it will actually cost more in internet and line rental. This is because a mobile solution is only an extra $10 a month against the countertop solution whereas line rental and internet can run as much as $30-40 a month for coverage or each additional telephone line.

Does your business have limited counter space?

Many traditional bricks and mortar merchants are limited in their counter space real estate. In some cases access to infrastructure is available but the additional wires require too much room or possibly the space is too valuable as a product display. Where space is tight, a wireless EFTPOS terminal is perfect, as the merchant can store their terminal under their counter, save space, avoid clutter and better utilise the last space a customer will see in your store until it is needed.

Are you in Hospitality and would like to offer a "Pay at Table" service?

With the changes brought about by the PINwise Mandate; hospitality merchants now have to decide if they will offer a Pay at Table service for their customers. The Pay at Table service allows a customer to use a wireless EFTPOS terminal to pay for their meal without having to leave their seat, increasing customer service and in dining experience.

If you're not sure what EFTPOS solution would suit your business best, then talk to one of our experts today. We pride ourselves on the level of service we offer and the depth of knowledge, advice and experience we're able to give.

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