Smartpay’s Broadband EFTPOS solutions allow you to make seamless EFTPOS transactions over the internet, regardless of the size of your business. You'll not only save money, but you and your customers will have confidence knowing that the transaction is secure, reliable and fast.

Your Choice of EFTPOS Terminals

You have the choice of a one piece (Handover terminal) or two piece depending on your budget, counter size and preference.  All our terminals are Broadband enabled and simply require an Ethernet or WIFI connection.

Whether you require one or more standalone EFTPOS terminals, or an integrated EFTPOS product,  Smartpay can provide you with Broadband EFTPOS to suit your business needs.  All of our current fleet of feature rich EFTPOS terminals can connect securely over broadband, all they need is an Ethernet port or WIFI connection.

Business Benefits of Broadband EFTPOS

Save yourself some money
Using Smartpay's Broadband EFTPOS means you'll save money normally spent on your stores phone line rental. You'll be able to connect over one broadband line which you can use for phone calls, day to day internet activity and secure EFTPOS transactions on all the terminals in your store.

Speed up your EFTPOS transactions
With broadband, your EFTPOS transactions will be processed significantly faster than with a dial-up connection. This will improve customer experience and staff productivity, especially during busy peaks.
Your business won't stop
With three different back-up options* to choose from, you can ensure that you'll always be able to provide your customers with EFTPOS even if your broadband connection is down. 
Process your payments securely
Smartpay's  Broadband EFTPOS solutions are fully encrypted and meet latest international security standards. Your EFTPOS transactions will always be safe and secure.

Why it makes sense to connect your EFTPOS through WIFI

Works with any standard broadband connection
Faster transaction processing
Meets international security standards
Three back-up redundancy options* including:
Automatic fall back to a standard dial-up phone connection
A wireless connection
Electronic offline vouchers - capture all transactions at your site to send to the bank when your broadband connection is restored
Independent of telephone line
Multiple EFTPOS terminals, phones and other Internet functions can share one connection
Minimal impact on data usage

*Redundancy options are at an additional cost

2 Hour EFTPOS Quotes

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