We supply the only EFTPOS terminal specifically developed for the taxi industry. Smartpay has been supplying terminals to the taxi industry since 1996. Our equipment is installed in every major NZ taxi fleet. 

The Smartpay taxi EFTPOS terminal allows taxi operators to securely process all credit and debit cards, and as of recently that means contactless payments too, speeding up the payment process. 

The Smartpay taxi terminal is a 2 piece unit where only the PIN Pad is handed to the customer making this a very safe and convenient solution for taxis.

Key Features of the TaxiPOS system

  • Also available on the mobile S90, S900, and S300 + PV10
  • In-vehicle payment solution
  • Payment device can be installed in vehicle, or as a fully mobile solution
  • Supports Offline and Online Transactions
  • Able to process TaxiCharge  cards (for TaxiCharge approved partners only)
  • Optional integration into Taxi metre system
  • Uses Vodafone GPRS network
  • Merchant can be added, edited or deleted
  • Drivers can be added, edited or deleted 
  • Taxis can be added, edited or deleted 
  • Transaction and driver reports available 
  • Driver Cards can easily be issued by Smartpay
  • User Level Access can allow super users with full access and normal users with read only access to protect data
  • Transactions can be searched and displayed 
  • Hotcards can be added and active straight away 
  • Advertising message can be updated and will be ready for the terminals to download 
  • Web Interface to manage drivers and check transaction information


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