Caring for your EFTPOS machine

Keeping your EFTPOS terminal clean and free of dust will increase its lifespan.

We all know you should avoid dropping or damaging your terminal, but what else can you do to keep it in good working order? Here are some tips to keep it in tip top shape and avoid downtime.

Clean your terminal regularly:

  • Dust off the keys and printer compartment with a micro-fibre cloth or fine paintbrush.
  • Use a cleaning card to get into the card swipe and chip reader slots. You can purchase cleaning cards from our online store.
  • Use a soft cloth and a cleaning alcohol solution to clean the terminal surface, printer lid and keys.
  • Keep cables and plugs tidy and free from dust and tangles.
  • Keep your EFTPOS terminal away from potential liquid spills. If there are any spills, turn off the terminal and clean it as soon as you can to prevent any damage.
  • Do NOT attempt to open the casing to clean the insides. This will tamper the terminal.

Keeping your terminal safe:

  • If you are in a dusty or wet environment, think about using a protective key cover. You can purchase these from our online store.
  • Do not place the terminal in direct sunlight or a location where it could overheat.
  • Take care when plugging in and unplugging charging cables.
  • Always use the correct power supply unit that was provided with your terminal hardware.
  • If you have a mobile unit, do not overcharge the battery (as a guideline it takes approx. 3-4 hours to charge the battery from mains power). Leaving the terminal on charge permanently is not recommended.
  • If you have a terminal with a charging cradle it IS fine to leave the terminal on the charger all the time, in fact it is recommended. The charging base is designed specifically to not overcharge the battery.
  • Keep your terminal safe. Regularly inspect to ensure that there are no additional cables running from your terminal and the casing has not been tampered with.