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Charging your S920

Charging your S920 using the charging base We’ve noticed some S920 terminals will power off and restart when they are placed on the charging base. We are working with our manufacturing partner to resolve this issue. In the meantime, we suggest you stop...

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Accept QR mobile payments and grow your business

3.6 million Chinese will visit NZ over the next 5 years Smartpay customers will soon be able to seamlessly process Alipay and WeChat payments on the same terminal as their EFTPOS and credit card payments. If you have Chinese customers – whether they are tourists,...

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Is it time to upgrade?

Paymark have recently started sending letters to some customers on their network advising them they need to update their EFTPOS terminal software. That’s because the 2014 software is being removed from the market at the end of April. If you’re a Smartpay...

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Checklist for contactless

Trying to work out whether to give contactless payments the thumbs up or thumbs down?  We can help. Just answer the questions below. If you answer 'yes' to two or more, it's time to switch on contactless. Click above to view the infographic Are...

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Can I hotspot from my mobile to my Wi-Fi EFTPOS terminal?

EFTPOS terminals aren’t very data hungry so using a hotspot is an option to connect your terminal to the internet. However, a hotspot may not be as reliable as connecting to a Wi-Fi network for every day or heavy usage – consider how you’ll keep your mobile charged...

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Seven reasons why EFTPOS is right for your business

When you're running a business, there are a million decisions to make. Some are difficult. Others are easy. Choosing to take card payments is one of the easy ones, and here are seven reasons why to get you started: More potential customers Today almost two thirds of...

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Processing payments offline

Offline Mode helps lessen the impact of network or communication outages by letting your business keep on accepting payments. Enabling Offline Mode means your terminal will create Electronic Offline Vouchers (EOV) and store the payments to upload to the...

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Clever charities go contactless

‘Sorry, no cash’ is a common cry heard by charity collections in today’s increasingly cashless society. These days when we pop out to the shops we often only have our mobile, keys and EFTPOS card. Walking out of the supermarket past people collecting for a...

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