The Problem

As of October 18th 2014 Visa & MasterCard will no longer accept signed signatures on their receipts, instead they are moving to PIN based transactions in an effort to reduce signature based credit card fraud. An estimated 14,000 Restaurants and Cafes will no longer be able to accept a signed tip when a customer pays with EFTPOS.

On top of this a recent survey conducted by Fairfax Media suggests 49% of respondents approve a transaction with a PIN and another 11% with a contactless reader (Tap & Go). In an effort to save Merchants losing up to $500 – $1,000 a month Smartpay developed an on terminal tipping application.

The Solution

Smartpay Merchants with on Terminal Tipping will be able to prompt their customers to leave a tip while still paying with a chip credit card. Customers are prompted to leave a Tip before they can enter their PIN, saving the Merchant from asking and avoiding potentially embarrassing situations. Coupled with this Merchants are able to print Tip Totals detailing each wait staff Total Tips for the service period, as well as more detailed reports listing both the Tip and Sales Totals of the transactions staff members have processed during the same service period.

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