New Business Assurance

At Smartpay we understand that starting up a new business is a big investment and can be stressful. To help make this time easier, we are offering new business owners the opportunity to take up the New Business Assurance programme.

With the Smartpay New Business Assurance programme, you get the confidence and certainty that you can select the right payment solution for your business but should your circumstances change and you cease to trade you won’t have the worry of a debt you can’t afford.

How it works?

If you lease EFTPOS from Smartpay for your new business and you do cease trading, you can send your terminal back with no penalties, no further payments and no affect on your credit record. All we require is written proof this has occurred.

What’s covered?

This assurance covers the first 36 months only of your lease agreement, if your contract is for a longer period these payments will need to be met.

How to Claim?

Give us a call on 0800 4 SMARTPAY (476 278) complete a copy of either our Statutory Declaration or provide written proof your business has ceased and send back the terminal. Once we have received your documentation and the terminal, providing your payments are up to date; then your obligation is finished.

Business Assurance FAQs

How do I qualify?
Lease an EFTPOS terminal from Smartpay Limited for a new business

What is a new Business?
New Business means that the business that you have started has not traded before. This must be a complete new start up business and does not include name changes or change of owners.

How much does it cost?
An additional $9.95 per month plus GST.

Is there are minimum contract to sign?
Yes; a minimum 36 months

Is there a limit to the number of terminals to be eligible for Business Assurance?

What if I need to change owner during the term of the cover?
Your cover can be transferred to the new owner subject to them meeting the New Business Assurance criteria. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

How will I know when my cover starts?
Your cover begins from the start date shown on your contract and covers the first 36 months of that contract

How long is the assurance for?
For a maximum term of the first thirty-six months

How does the cover terminate?
Should you wish to cancel this Assurance, you may do so by calling us, on cancelation the contract can no longer be terminated without penalty. Please note that the cover will automatically terminate should you fall three consecutive months in arrears with unpaid instalments

Who provides service for my EFTPOS?
We do call us on 0800 4 SMARTPAY (476 278)

What do I need to apply for Smartpay Business Assurance?
Ask for this programme when signing up your EFTPOS Contract with one of our specialised reps

Am I covered if the lease terminal from someone else other that Smartpay?

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