How it Works?

HotSwap™ will be sent out to you onsite which will contain everything you need should something happen to your existing terminal. All you have to do is swap the damaged terminal with the HotSwap™ terminal and follow the help quick guide and you will be up and running in no time.

With EFTPOS now being the preferred payment option for kiwis your EFTPOS terminal is vital. Smartpay HotSwap™ ensures that no matter what the situation*, the time of day or the day of the week, you will always be able to take payment. HotSwap™ EFTPOS is a spare EFTPOS terminal onsite that can connect over GPRS. You do not have to worry whether there is a technician available or even if they’re in your area, with HotSwap™ you are back up and running within minutes.

* terms and conditions apply, you must have GPRS coverage.

HotSwap™ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify?
By leasing your EFTPOS terminal off us.

How much does it cost?
The more terminals you have the cheaper the HotSwap™ box is. If you lease one terminal off us then the cost of the HotSwap™ is $24.95. If you lease two terminals off us at the same site then the price of HotSwap™ is reduced to $20.00. For every extra terminal you have, the HotSwap™ is reduced by $4.95. Essentially, if you lease five terminals from us at the same site then the price of the HotSwap™ is FREE.

Is there a minimum contract to sign?
No minimum Contract. Just one month notice in advance is needed if you require cancellation of your HotSwap terminal.

What if I’ve followed the setup instructions and it doesn’t work?
Call Smartpay on 0800 4 SMARTPAY (476 278), then option 2 for tech support.

Will the HotSwap™ terminal take all the usual cards my faulty terminal takes?
Yes, this information is stored at the network, not on the terminal.

Does the HotSwap™ terminal work in a power cut?
Yes so long as there is GPRS coverage and the battery in the S90 has been charged

How long will the HotSwap™ terminal work for?
It works for as long as it takes for Smartpay to send a replacement for your faulty one. We will dispatch your terminal on the same day that you call us, unless it’s a weekend – then it is the next business day.

How do I use the HotSwap™ terminal?
There is a user guide in your hot swap box. If you are still stuck, then call us on 0800 4 SMARTPAY (476 278), then option 2 for tech support.

Does my HotSwap™ terminal work over broadband or dial up?
No, HotSwap™ is designed to work over GPRS.

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