Currency Select EFTPOS

Lets your international customers pay in their own currency through our entire PAX EFTPOS terminal range.

  • Enables your International customers to pay in a currency they know and trust
  • You’re paid in New Zealand dollars, and your international customer is debited in their own currency
  • Indicative FX rates and the previous day’s settlement rates are displayed on the BNZ website
  • You make commission for providing the service

CurrencySelect is designed for businesses in New Zealand selling goods and services to overseas visitors, allowing you to provide customer service to your customer and earn commission to reduce your Merchant Service Fee.

Let your customers pay in a currency they know

With CurrencySelect, your customers with international Visa or MasterCard can choose to pay in one of 12 approved foreign currencies. The 12 approved foreign currencies are Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong, Singapore and United States dollars, Euro, British pounds, Swiss francs, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, Korean won, and South African rand.

Your customers are billed for the foreign currency purchase price

With CurrencySelect your customers’ card statements will show the price they accepted at the time of purchase. This protects your customers from currency fluctuations, so for them, it’s just like paying a local business.

What You Need?

A PAX eftpos terminal either mobile, two piece or one piece running the CurrencySelect software and a BNZ merchant account. Call us on 0800 476 278 and we will arrange this for you or fill in the form below.

What are the costs?

You need to lease a PAX eftpos terminal from Smartpay, our terminals will do both your payments and currency conversion.

To download the CurrencySelect brochure click here.

Refund the exact foreign currency amount

If you need to refund a customer’s payment you can do so in their currency and for the exact amount they paid. While this means you carry the risk for any currency exchange rate movement from the date of the original sale to the date of the refund, it means your customer is credited back the exact amount of the original transaction.

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