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At Smartpay, we understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. Which is why we’ve invested in creating features and value-add-ons that make sure you have a solution that make doing business easier and more effective. All you have to do is choose the ones that work best for you.

Increase revenue & spend

With features like our SmartTip, Smartpay gives you the capability to access more ways to increase your intake. Encourage a greater average spend per customer when you accept more payment methods such as UnionPay – the preferred payment for Chinese tourists. We can also help you accept payments from your customers in their own currency.

Improve Efficiency

Work smarter with integrated EFTPOS. You’ll speed up your checkout for customers and save time on end of day reconciliation.

Reduce costs or risk

We understand merchants are keen to manage their costs. We offer solutions to help multiple merchants share a terminal or to help a business recoup the costs of accepting credit cards. Manage risk by pre authorising a customer’s spend, or adding insurance.

All Smartpay terminals include these features:

Tap n Go

Kiwis love the convenience of Tap and Go functionality. Busy merchants are finding that their customers prefer it, so they queue for less time. All our terminals support contactless payment.


In-built security features prevent both hardware and software tampering. Our software is certified by Payments New Zealand and Paymark. Your lease includes security and software updates. Find out about security.

NFC / Contactless

Smartpay’s technology accepts NFC / contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Android Pay

Offline Mode

Lessen the impact of network or communication outages. If enabled with your bank, your Smartpay terminal can create Electronic Offline Vouchers (EOV) so your business can keep on accepting payments in an outage.

Choose the add-ons that suit your business:

POS Integration

Our Integrated EFTPOS lets you directly connect an EFTPOS terminal to your Point of Sale (POS) system or Electronic Cash Register (ECR).


The Smartpay Smartcharge solution automatically adds a pre-approved surcharge fee to any credit card transaction processed on your EFTPOS terminal.

Alipay/WeChat Pay

Mobile payments from QR codes are now an integral part of Chinese consumer culture. Soon you can accept Alipay and WeChat Pay payments on the same terminal you use for EFTPOS and credit cards.

Currency Select

Let your international customers pay in their own currency and enhance your business appeal to overseas customers.


The perfect solution for small businesses, sole traders and those in the health industry that require multiple merchants to access just the one EFTPOS Terminal.


Make a sale, even if your customer’s physical card is not to hand, with the practical Mail Order / Telephone Order or MOTO App.

China UnionPay

UnionPay is the preferred debit and credit card for New Zealand’s second largest tourist market, China. The overwhelming majority of Chinese travellers carry their UnionPay debit and credit cards when they travel abroad.


Secure a transaction easily with a smart app that lets you set aside funds until the product or service has been provided and the final amount is paid.


HotSwap™ EFTPOS is a spare EFTPOS terminal onsite that can connect over GPRS. With HotSwap™ you are back up and running within minutes.

New Business Assurance

Feel confident in your payment solution, without the worry of an unaffordable debt should you cease to trade.

EFTPOS Insurance

Our insurance covers your EFTPOS terminal, the battery, the charger and your SIM card (excludes EFTPOS accessories) for accidental damage and loss, theft, and extended warranty.


Don’t lose out on tips with Smartpay’s Tipping App – built-in functionality available on every Smartpay terminal.

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