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Lightspeed POS Integration

Lightspeed is one of our premium integration partners for hospitality POS. Take your customer experience to the next level with a Smartpay-Lightpeed integration

About Lightspeed Point of Sale

Lightspeed is about more than just transactions; they help  businesses work smarter, make data-driven decisions and create the best possible experience for their customers. 

With Lightspeed POS for hospitality you can increase your profitability with powerful inventory management tools which streamline purchasing, preparation and recipe costing processes.

Experience the benefits of Lightspeed POS

What is POS Integration?

Integrating a Point of Sale system with your EFTPOS means that when you make a transaction, the information will be communicated to your POS seamlessly. This connection is very useful and facilitates many of the benefits mentioned above.

Integrating your EFTPOS with a POS will give you access to many more features than you would with just the EFTPOS machine alone.

Why integrate with Lightspeed POS?

Faster transaction processing

Keep queues to a minimum. No double entry of transactions on your EFTPOS terminal. Improve the checkout experience for your customers

Reduce manual input and errors

Increase accuracy and save time. Automatically send over payments to the EFTPOS terminal. Reconciliations are also automated.


Reports on live and historical sales, payment transactions, inefficiencies & more. Easy to use and action

Native integration

Our integration is free of charge and built and maintained in-house by Smartpay engineers in New Zealand (not a 3rd party provider)

How to setup integration with Lightspeed POS

It is simple and quick to connect Lightspeed POS with your Smartpay EFTPOS terminal. You will need the following:

  • A Smartpay EFTPOS terminal (contact us if you aren’t a customer yet)
  • The Lightspeed app installed
  • A stable internet connection
  • Follow the simple instructions to setup

What our customers have to say

Mobile payment saves time during the sale process as the customer can pay in a way which is familiar and convenient to them, which in-turn leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Tanja West-Hill, Weekend Max Mara

Smartpay’s solution is convenient and easily integrates.

The set-up was smooth and straight forward.

Dan Horton, Magic Memories

I would say we have gained around 20% more of our sales by adding Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Laurance Metry, Unichem

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