Why does my broadband terminal not detect an IP address at all?

The S80 Countertop Solution can be enabled to operate over both a broadband connection and a traditional dial up connection. The terminal will automatically detect the broadband connection on power up. However if it fails to connect the terminal will need to be re-powered, before that step try one of the following:

Check server & firewall
Security measures such as firewalls can adversely  affect connectivity and some merchants may need to modify the internet network settings to allow connecting the S80/S800 to the internet. If the terminal is fully operational and the internet connection working, the firewall itself is most likely blocking your connection.  We suggest changing the settings of the server to allow connection to PORT 33876, 7540, and the TMS CONNECTION PORT 6301.

Check Connections
Check that the internet cable is connected properly, there should be a light associated with the connector on the router, it will be illuminated if there is a connection to the router from the terminal. It may also help to check the connections themselves in the back of the EFTPOS terminal and that they are tightly locked into the correct connection.


How do I connect my Smartpay counter-top EFTPOS Terminal? 

The S80 counter-top solution has a range of connection points that include:

  • A = The LAN Connection (Broadband Cable)
  • B = The Dialup Connection (Telephone Line)
  • C = The Power Connection
  • D = The Keylink Connection (Cash Register Interface Solution) or the Contactless Reader Connection
  • E = The Pin Pad Connection.

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