The New Zealand government has issued a four week lockdown for all non-essential businesses effective 11:59 PM on Wednesday 25 March. Whilst many businesses have been asked to temporarily close, those considered essential services are still operating.

We understand this is a stressful time for many of our customers and we hope that you’re able to continue operating normally in the near future.¬†

It is fair to say that the way businesses operate, even after the lockdown period, will not be the same for some time. Below are some ways to help your business get through these times…

Trading safe during COVID-19

We’ve had a lot of enquiries regarding how businesses can trade safely during COVID-19, check out our top tips below:

Tip 1: Offer contactless payments 

Offering contactless payments can help to reduce the risk of transmitting germs and provide a greater level of reassurance to your customers when paying. PayWave/Tap & Go and over the phone payments (MOTO) are two of the main contactless payment types.

All Smartpay terminals can support contactless payments, you just need to talk to your merchant bank about enabling these services.

Tip 2: Extend your countertop

If you have a countertop terminal with a pinpad, adding a longer extension cable will enable you to maintain a safe distance from your customers and using a pinpad allows for safer handling. Ethernet cables are available from most retail stores (JB Hifi, Warehouse, etc) and will allow you to extend your countertop to the window or door to make payments. This will avoid you from having to change your device.

Tip 3: Clean your terminal 

We suggest cleaning your EFTPOS terminal more frequently than you normally would to help prevent the spread of germs.

The best way to clean your EFTPOS machine is with these 2 easy steps:

  1. Dust off the keys and printer compartment with a micro-fibre cloth or fine paint brush.
  2. Use a soft cloth and a cleaning alcohol solution to clean the terminal surface, printer lid and keys. Ensure that you use a generous amount and apply the solution to the cloth and not directly to the terminal. Allow the alcohol solution to fully dry.

Note: EFTPOS wet covers are designed to prevent liquid damage. They will not prevent any bacterial or viral transfers.

Paymark Terminal Upgrades

Paymark previously advised that EFTPOS terminals on their network needed to be upgraded by 30 April 2020. However in response to COVID-19 Paymark have now granted an extension for upgrading EFTPOS terminals.

The revised date has not yet been announced.

Resources for Businesses

There are a number of support services available for businesses affected by COVID-19. We encourage you to check what financial support is available for your business, including:

Service & Support

Our NZ-based customer service team will be available throughout the lockdown period to help you with any account queries or technical support.

Call 0800 476 278 or complete the form below to get in touch with one of our payments specialists.

Please note that our support hours have temporarily changed as a result of COVID-19. Our customer service & technical support helpdesk will be available 7 days from 7:30am to 10:00pm. Calls received outside these hours will be directed to voicemail and will be followed up the next day.

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