On Monday the NZ government announced that from Thursday 14th May New Zealand would start to move to level 2 lockdown. Level 2 is a safer normal with no more than 100 customers per site. 

In level 2, businesses can open to the public, but must follow public health guidance including in relation to physical distancing and contact tracing. 

Below are some guidelines for how to take payments safely during this time.

Offer contactless payments

All Smartpay terminals can support contactless payments (Paywave/Tap & Go as well as over the phone payments), you just need to talk to your merchant bank about enabling these services. Ask if they have special rates during COVID-19.

Extend your countertop

While many businesses are looking to upgrade to mobile terminals, having a countertop terminal with a pinpad may be a safer option for your customers and staff. Using a longer ethernet cable you can set up a payments table with your pinpad (which is easier to clean) and hand sanitiser for customers at least 2m away from your countertop.

Regularly clean your terminal

The best way to clean your EFTPOS machine is with these two easy steps:

  1. Dust off the keys and printer compartment with a micro-fibre cloth or fine paintbrush.
  2. Use a soft cloth and a cleaning alcohol solution to clean the terminal surface, printer lid, and keys. Ensure that you use a generous amount and apply the solution to the cloth and not directly to the terminal. Allow the alcohol solution to fully dry. DO NOT USE SOAP OR WATER.

Additional guidelines for hospitality

Hospitality must follow the three S’s – seated, separated and single-server, however, there is no requirement for customers to pay via EFTPOS at the table.

The guidelines from WorkSafe state that Contactless payments “should be taken where possible” It does not mandate that a payment HAS to be taken to the table. It is on the business on how they operate but is recommended to keep the 1m distance between till operator and customer. The only guidelines around the actual Eftpos use is that it should be wiped down after use (see above)

Suggestions for merchants:

  • Encourage no split bills and ask customers to pay by one person at your existing location for your countertop EFTPOS terminal.
  • If you don’t have a pin-pad, you can add this to your existing one-piece counter-top terminal. This is a much safer way to take payments (as opposed to a mobile terminal) as only customers will use the pin-pad.
  • Encourage paywave. All Smartpay terminals have contactless-enabled however, you need to contact your merchant bank to set this up.
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