Cashless society prompts new Smartpay app
14 December 2015  | 0 Comments

December 14th 2015, Cashless Society prompts new Smartpay app Smartpay's Till2Go app makes it easier for small businesses to collect payment from customers without having to set up a till. 'Dexter th… Read More

14 billionth EFTPOS transaction arrives ahead of schedule
12 November 2015  | 0 Comments

Auckland, Thursday 12 November 2015: New Zealanders love to use their EFTPOS cards and since 1989 have clocked up 14 billion transactions using... Read More

Budding Whenuapai entrepreneur harnesses roadside tech
12 November 2015  | 0 Comments

While cashless is great for those of us not wanting to carry money, spare a thought for New Zealand’s young entreprenuers using roadside stalls to bolster their pocket money. Read More

Contactless payments are here, but do Kiwis actually know how they work?
21 October 2015  | 0 Comments

Everybody seems to be swept up in the excitement surrounding contactless payments, but many seem to be lacking the knowledge about it... Read More

Receive Tips for Excellent Customer Service
14 October 2015  | 0 Comments

Here's a tip - if you want your Wait Staff to be able to receive tips for the service they give, then turn on Tipping on your EFTPOS terminal! By measuring tips received you'll be able to gauge how we… Read More

Business of the Week
04 September 2015  | 0 Comments

At Smartpay we are proud to have helped many different businesses become a success. From small businesses to big brand names we are passionate about supporting our customers. We do this by providing t… Read More

Take Payments Anywhere with Till2Go
02 September 2015  | 0 Comments

Retailers all over the world are integrating their card payment solutions through to their tills, using various POS solutions. There are many solutions on offer, not least the... Read More

EFTPOS Security
30 July 2015  | 0 Comments

Today, seem almost obsessed withn the security of our technological belongings is important, but rightly so in a world with greater accessibility to information. In our 'connected' world, dominated by… Read More