Contactless Payment Systems: Boosting Client Relationships

by Smartpay
in Contactless Payments, EFTPOS
25 Jul 2016  |  0 Comments

With technology influencing many aspects of our lives, it’s no wonder it’s soon to be one of the most powerful tools to take over the world of commerce and consumerism. The way people transact payments for buying goods has greatly evolved. In New Zealand in particular, more and more consumers are taking advantage of new, fast and convenient cashless payment solutions. There’s no stopping this transition, especially seeing that these solutions have greatly benefitted both merchants and consumers.

But one point has been directed against switching to contactless payment systems—that they pose a threat to actual human interactions needed for business transactions. Let’s look into the following points to shed light on the issue and discover why this technology is actually doing the opposite; that is, giving more time for business owners to establish and strengthen rapport with clients.

  • An EFTPOS terminal or any contactless payment machine doesn’t only put you a step ahead of your rivals, but also makes you a better choice for customers. The concept of “speed and convenience” has always been attractive to buyers. They’ll be more interested in your store, making them want to interact with you and give you the opportunity to do the same.
  • Long queues are a turn-off to customers. However, desperate they may be to purchase an item, one glimpse of a long line for the counter can make them change their minds instantly. Cashless transactions can put an end to long queues, drastically shortening waiting times and increasing customer satisfaction. Customers won’t have to rush to the counter to get ahead of the line. They can purchase additional items whenever they want to, without the worry of having to fumble for enough cash or line up again. Reduced cash handling improves efficiency and reliability and helps build customer trust and loyalty.
  • Contactless payment systems allow you and your staff to serve more customers and process more transactions even during busy hours. You’ll have more quality time to attend to product-related queries from clients and be able to talk to them about the services you offer. This enhances the customer experience resulting in happy customers eager to spread positive word of mouth about your store, helping you build your client base.
  • If you’re joining trade fairs and other outdoor events, having a portable EFTPOS machine makes you worry less about handling cash transactions. These payment systems are secure, so you can ensure safe transactions in busy and crowded trade shows. You can concentrate more on promotional activities and client interactions.

Contactless payment solutions are part of the many technological evolutions that can help your business not only keep up with the times, but thrive as well. By adopting cashless payment systems, you strengthen your relationship with your clients, deliver greater satisfaction, and overall boost your business.