Four Elements that Determine EFTPOS Efficiency

by Smartpay
in Contactless Payments, EFTPOS
25 Jul 2016  |  0 Comments

Each cog in a machine plays a crucial role in its ability to carry out tasks effectively. Take a clock, for example; without each piece playing its part perfectly, the entire mechanism goes awry and the clock’s ability to do its job of keeping track of time is affected.

When it comes to the EFTPOS terminal, these are the four elements that contribute to its efficiency:

1.       Dependable Machine

Having an EFTPOS machine for your business will bring you tons of benefits, but if you have a faulty machine, you can’t enjoy these. In fact, an unreliable machine can cause problems. This is why it is vital to get equipment you can rely on for uninterrupted service. To achieve this, ensure your machine comes from a trusted company.

2.       Secure and Reliable EFTPOS Network

Before transactions reach the merchant bank associated with the card you are swiping, it goes through the EFTPOS network. This network is your gateway to the bank and it is responsible for processing payment authorisations and transactions. Choosing a reliable network is important to ensure you have a smooth terminal to bank processing.

3.       Stable Connection

Phone, Internet and GPRS connections are needed to run different types of terminals. This may seem confusing to some businesses, but you only need to remember these:

You need to choose a suitable connection for your equipment, e.g. GPRS connection for a mobile EFTPOS.
You need to ensure you have a stable connection.

If you have a faulty connection, this will cause problems.

4.       Properly-trained Staff

What good are the three elements stated above if you don’t have employees expertly trained to handle the equipment? Train your staff well to effectively process transactions on your machine. Make sure they are proficient in managing the system.

All these four elements need to work together seamlessly to ensure the effectiveness of the terminal.

Here at Smartpay, we’ll take care of the first element for you. We’ll make sure you have high quality and extremely reliable machines that won’t let you down. We have different options, from the counter-top to portable EFTPOS machine, to cater to the different payment solutions offered at your business. Call us now to get the best type of equipment for your business.