New technology brings great hospitality

by Smartpay
in Contactless Payments, EFTPOS
12 Jul 2016  |  0 Comments

Wellington on a Plate – the city’s annual two week food festival – brings big excitement and big crowds to the capital’s eateries. 

For Rachel Taulelei, who runs the very popular Oyster Saloon food truck style from a Cuba street carpark, the challenge was how best to ensure the crowds turning up each night were served efficiently.

With queues stretching around the carpark, staff members were rushed of their feet, but she says being able to process payments through two mobile contactless terminals was invaluable.

“People could pay for a drink while they were in the queue and that made them happy even if they had to wait. We could also offer table service and it meant we could offer great hospitality to our customers,” says Rachel.

The mobile contactless terminals were not available last year and Rachel says the technology made a big difference in terms of running her Oyster Saloon in a carpark.

“It saves time.  There are fewer movements for each transaction and for the short time we were open each night that was important for us to work as efficiently as possible.”

The only issue for Rachel, is that many customers didn’t know about the technology and time was taken up explaining to card holders how it works.

“As time goes on and understanding spreads, people will use it more and efficiency will further improve,” Rachel says. 

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