Foreign tourists spend their own currency in New Zealand with Smartpay

by Smartpay
in Contactless Payments, EFTPOS
12 Jul 2016  |  0 Comments

Many foreign visitors to New Zealand will soon be able to do their shopping and pay for hotel and restaurant bills in their home currency.

EFTPOS provider Smartpay has teamed up with BNZ to offer CurrencySelect.

The innovative payment application allows tourists to choose their own local currency when making purchases.  Currency Select is being trialled at JR Duty Free in Auckland, the Rotorua Tourism and Travel Centre and the Museum Hotel in Wellington.  Smartpay expects to roll out the product to retailers in the next few months.
In another New Zealand first, Smartpay will be offering the software on mobile terminals.     

Smartpay General Manager Sales & Marketing, Mark Unwin says CurrencySelect makes it easier for tourists to spend money in New Zealand so this has to be good for business.    

 “It lets the customer use the currency they know and trust, so it’s also good for the business as it allows them to offer even better service to their customers.”

 He says the tourist’s card statements will show the price they accepted at the time of purchase which protects them from currency fluctuations, so for them, it’s just like paying a local business.

 “It’s really about customers feeling secure about their purchase – going with what they know, and knowing there aren’t going to be any surprises on their credit card statement when they get home.”

 Businesses using CurrencySelect are paid in New Zealand dollars but the customer is debited in their local currency.  Twelve currencies are available at the moment  - Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong, Singapore, and US dollars, Euro, British pounds, Swiss francs, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, Korean won and South African rand.

 Additionally, BNZ has chosen to partner with Smartpay as its preferred supplier for traditional EFTPOS terminals for BNZ small business customers as they have the capability able to provide a range of exclusive offers and guarantee quick delivery times.

To find out more about CurrencySelect click here.