Accept QR payments on the same terminal you use for EFTPOS or credit card transactions.

Simple and seamless, it can even be fully integrated with compatible Point of Sale.

Accept Alipay and WeChat Pay payments on the same terminal you use for EFTPOS and credit cards.

  • Smart dynamic QR code that means you control the purchase amount
  • Integrates with compatible Point of Sale systems
  • Simple low transaction fee
  • No additional hardware, no set-up fee, no minimum term

Smartpay’s Alipay and WeChat Pay solution

How it works

To start from your Point of Sale: If your Point of Sale is integrated for QR payments, simply enter the sale, and select QR payment on your tender screen.
Skip to step 4 if your POS and EFTPOS are integrated.
To start from your terminal: Select Alipay or WeChat Pay on the terminal.
Choose purchase and enter amount.
Terminal displays a QR code for your customer to scan.
Your customer sees the total amount payable in their own currency and approves the transaction in Alipay or WeChat Pay with their pin.
Once the transaction is approved on your terminal a receipt prints for you and your customer. If your POS is integrated it will close the sale.

Frequently asked questions

How does currency conversion work? Will this affect how much I get?
Alipay and WeChat manages the currency conversion in their app. The currency conversion is locked in at the time of the transaction. Your customer is shown the New Zealand dollar amount, the conversion rate and the total Chinese RMB dollar value that they will be charged at the time of payment.

Smartpay settles you the full New Zealand dollar amount of the transaction so the currency conversion rate will not affect how much you will get settled.

When do I get paid for transactions made through Alipay or WeChat Pay?
We’ll settle you two business days after the transaction. Business days considers both days New Zealand and Chinese public holidays.
What happens if a customer asks for a refund?
You can perform a refund for a QR transaction up to the value of the original transaction within 90 days for WeChat Pay or for up to one year for Alipay. The customer will need to show you their original transaction receipt for you to get the refund code. You can view the user guides for Alipay & WeChat Pay payments for steps on how to process a refund. You can refund any amount up to the original transaction.

Watch this short video showing how to process a refund in standalone mode.

What is the advantage of a dynamic QR code over a static QR code?
A dynamic QR code, which Smartpay’s solution uses, conveys the merchant information and the purchase amount.  This means your customer just needs accepts the transaction in their app. This means you as the merchant are in control of the amount and the payment experience is quick. A static code however, just tells Alipay or WeChat Pay your merchant information and your customer then needs to enter the purchase amount. The merchant needs to carefully check the amount is correct. In China purchase limits have been introduced on static codes and there have been instances where merchant’s static codes have been replaced by ones linking to fraudsters accounts.
Can QR payments be integrated with my Point of Sale system?
Yes with Smartpay QR payments can integrated to your Point of Sale (POS). This would mean you don’t need to enter the purchase amount into the terminal reducing errors, and end of day reconciliation is easy. Smartpay partners with the world’s best POS providers and we’re constantly working to add new integration for card and QR payments. If your POS vendor does not support QR payments let us know by sending an e-mail to with your business name and which POS you use and we’ll get in touch with your POS vendor to discuss integrating with Smartpay for QR payments.
What does it cost to accept QR payments?
There is no sign up for QR payments and no term commitment. You’ll pay a low Merchant Service Fee on each transaction. We settle you the full transaction value in NZ dollars and simply bill you for the Merchant Service Fee at the end of each month. If you don’t have any transactions in the month, there is nothing to pay.
How will my customers know I accept Alipay or WeChat Pay?
We will provide you with signage for inside and outside your store. It’s important that these are displayed, not only in the shop but where Chinese customers can see when walking past as Alipay and WeChat have strong brand awareness. Chinese feel pride in seeing this brand and feel more welcome to enter stores accepting these payment methods.
What marketing support does Smartpay offer for Alipay and WeChat Pay?

When you are approved for an Alipay Merchant ID your business will automatically appear in the ‘Discover’ section of the Alipay app. When you provide us content we will add to this basic listing in with photos and information to help attract customers. This content will be translated for you into Chinese. This will allow users to find your business and know that you accept Alipay. Think of it like when you go on google maps and it displays shops near your vicinity. You’ll get access to seasonal campaigns from Alipay & WeChat Pay – these are often in the form of rebates for customers using these payment methods and are part or fully funded by the apps. You can have your own coupons loaded in Alipay to drive foot traffic.

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